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Mini Valve Garage Kit with 40 ft Hose

Mini Valve Complete Kit 40In Stock Mini Valve Garage Kit with 40 ft Hose

The Hide-A-Hose Mini Valve is a cost effective quick-clean solution designed for laundry rooms, master bathrooms, or garages. This valve is 20% smaller than the full featured HS5000 valve. The Mini Valve does not have a locking mechanism so the hose must be pulled all the way out to make a lock and seal. This Mini Valve Garage Kit comes with a Rough-In Frame, Hide-A-Hose Mini Valve, a 40 ft hose, and the Garage Tool Kit, which includes a basic handle, adjustable wand, 12” floor brush, dusting brush, upholstery brush, crevice tool, clip-on tool caddy, and wall wand clamp.